News from the Class of 1970 – June 2021

OCTOBER 2, 2021

May 7, 2021

Hello Classmates,

Well, we can safely say that the past year was very interesting!  We hope that you have been staying healthy and safe during the pandemic.  Also, we hope that everyone has had a chance to be vaccinated.  If so, it is time to return to some form of normalcy. 

While it is a year later than planned, we are finally ready to celebrate our 50th class reunion. 

A few things are still in the planning stage, but we do have some information for you.  At this time, we have decided that we do not have the manpower or time to create a float, but we are looking into getting a tandem trailer so that the class can either ride or walk beside the tandem.  If someone wants to organize and head a float committee, let us know as soon as possible.  Any takers?? 

We have created an email address so classmates can contact us. 

Gary Chabot has volunteered to be our contact person for the email.  For those of you who want to share your email with us, please send your contact information to Gary at: [email protected]

If we do not have your updated mailing address, please contact Gary Chabot. 

We assume that everyone has more than one reunion T-Shirt packed away.  So instead of everyone buying another T-Shirt for our 50th, we could wear one of our past T-Shirts, for example, the red one for the 25th or the tie-dye one, etc.  If you want a new one, the Alumni Association is selling T-Shirts as a fundraiser.  Information will be in the upcoming alumni newsletter or on the alumni website.  You can have our class year put on the front of the T-shirt.

At this time we are planning on meeting up with everyone at the Claremont Senior Center on Friday night like we have done in the past.  Then on Saturday, after the parade, we will gather there for a luncheon.  Then in the evening, you can be on your own.  There is NO BANQUET this year. 

We are still planning on raising money for our class gift.  Two years ago we had planned to update the lighting on the Stevens stage for plays and concerts that are performed by the students.  Our goal was $15,000 dollars.  To date we have raised $4,553.02.  You may donate anytime by sending your donation to Denise Liveston, 6 Acer Heights Rd., Claremont, NH   03743.  Make the check payable to:  Class of 1970 Gift.

Our website is:

We encourage you to visit the website often for updates.  This would be a good time to update your biography.

It has been suggested by some of our classmates and the class of 1971 that we get together for lunch on Saturday.  How do you feel about this?  Should we keep it just for 1970 or invite 1971 to join us?  Send your thoughts to our class email by May 30.

If possible, spread the word with our classmates that you may have contact with.   If anyone would like to join us in the planning, please contact us.  We can really use some help.  See you October 1st and 2nd.

Trudee Bacon
Gary Chabot
Denise Liveston
Gary Perron
Annette Vadney