001.jpg     : Stevens High school Alumni Parade day   -  June 7, 2014   ( Claremont, N.H. )  -theme is- Past, Present, and Future

002.jpg     : St Mary's also joins in with the Stevens High School Alumni Parade  -  June 7, 2014

 003.jpg     : Pleasant St.  Claremont

 004.jpg     : Claremont, N. H. is also celebrating their 250 Anniversary .

 005.jpg     : Broad Street Park

 006.jpg     : Broad Street Park

 007.jpg     : Robert Stringer  (President of the Stevens High School Allumni Association).

 008.jpg     : Stevens High School - Claremont N. H. being restored.

 009.jpg     : Betty and Dan Danovan getting the float - Class of 1961 ready for the parade.

 010.jpg     : Judgers for the pareade.

 011.jpg     : Class of 1984

 012.jpg     : Class of 1974 winning the " George Disnard Trophy "

 013.jpg     : Class of 1961 wins  " F. W. Carr School Spirit Award " .

 014.jpg     : Class of 1969 wins the " Wayne Gray Trophy Award" .

 015.jpg     : "Alumni Memorial Trophy"  goes to the Class of 1989 .

 016.jpg     : St Mary's Cavaliers won the  "St Marys Throphy' " .

 017.jpg     : St Marys Cavaliers

 018.jpg     : St Marys Cavaliers Trophies

 019.jpg     : Class of 1959

 020.jpg     : The beginning of the SHS Alumni Parade  -  Sullivan County Sheriff, Michael Prozzo

 021.jpg     : Stevens Alumni Float

 022.jpg     : Stevens High School Alumni Association float

 023.jpg     : Stevens Mascot

 024.jpg     : Stevens High Scool Band

 025.jpg     : Stevens Alumni Association


 027.jpg     : Winter Carnival  -  King and Queen  -  Joshua Strobel and Emily Charest

 028.jpg     : Homecoming  King - Kai Kleyensteuber and Queen - Abbey Duford

 029.jpg     : Beverly Hanks Janelle (1953) and Carolyn Bowles Leblanc (1962)  - Parade Marshals

 030.jpg     : Parade Marshals

 031.jpg     : Alumni Members

 032.jpg     : Abe Lincoln  (Steve Wood)

 033.jpg     : The Wells Fargo Stagecoach   -   Sponsored by the Greater Claremont Board of Realtors

 034.jpg     : Wells Fargo Stagecoach


 036.jpg     : Newport Tigerttes

 037.jpg     : The Yankee Doodle Band from  Rensselaer N.Y.




 041.jpg     : 1932        Helen Lovell

 042.jpg     : 1934

 043.jpg     : Class of 1940     N. Nemkovich and Robert White

 044.jpg     : Class of 1940

 045.jpg     : Class of 1944

 046.jpg     : Class of 1949

 047.jpg     : 49'ers

 048.jpg     : Class of 1960


 050.jpg     : New Hampshire Firefighters


 052.jpg     : Valley Regional Hospital

 053.jpg     : Civil War Hemlocks




 057.jpg     : Catamount Pipe Band


 059.jpg     : St Marys Class of 1954

 060.jpg     : The Muchachos Drum and Bugle Corps


 062.jpg     : Class of 1959

 063.jpg     : Class of 1959

 064.jpg     : Class of 1959

 065.jpg     : Boy Scouts

 066.jpg     : Girls Scouts

 067.jpg     : Girl  Scouts


 069.jpg     : Class of 1961

 070.jpg     : Class of 1961

 071.jpg     : St. Mary Cavaliers  1952 - 1968







 078.jpg     : Cavaliers

 079.jpg     : Cavaliers


 081.jpg     : Class of 1961

 082.jpg     : Sons of Italy Drum and Bugle Corps




 086.jpg     : Joy

 087.jpg     : Stirit of Claremont Award

 088.jpg     : Class of 1964

 089.jpg     : Class of 1964

 090.jpg     : Class of 1964

 091.jpg     : Class of 1966

 092.jpg     : Class of 1969

 093.jpg     : Class of 1969

 094.jpg     : Class of 1969

 095.jpg     : Black River Fife and Drum

 096.jpg     : Mt. Sinal Joe's Clown Unit




 100.jpg     : Class of 1970

 101.jpg     : Hill's Band Wagon

 102.jpg     : Class of 1974

 103.jpg     : Class of 1974

 104.jpg     : Class of 1974

105.jpg     : Class of 1974




 109.jpg     : Bektash Temple Mini-Kar Patrol

 110.jpg     : The Middlesex County Volunteers




 114.jpg     : New Hampshire Motor Sprrdway



 117.jpg     : Moody Park Float





 122.jpg     : Claremont, N.H.  Middle School



 125.jpg     : Class of 1989

 126.jpg     : Class of 1989


 128.jpg     : Sonya LaBlanc Lawson    ( Alumni  Association Secretary )   Class of 1989


 130.jpg     : Class of 1994


 132.jpg     : The Colchester Continental Fife and Drum Corps


 134.jpg     : Class of 1999






 140.jpg     : Firehouse Six

 141.jpg     : Wizard of Oz Characters walking and singing

 142.jpg     : Class of  2014










 152.jpg     : Bob Ayotte Train And Cars




 156.jpg     : The parade, on the opposite side, getting as many people  in my photos, as I can.


 158.jpg     : Stevens High School Band


 160.jpg     : Winter Carnival King and Queen, Joshua Strobel and Emily Charest


















 178.jpg     : Charles Keeley   Class of 1946


















 196.jpg     : Class of 1961    -  candy lady


















 214.jpg     : Local Police











 225.jpg     : Viewing stand to the left.

 226.jpg     : Viewing stand







 233.jpg     : PEOPLE
































 265.jpg     : Raymond LeBouthiller, Joe St. Pierre, Paul Magoon, Carol Bennett, John Bennett and Marilyn Brody  on the viewing stand

 266.jpg     : Parade watchers

 267.jpg     : Streets are lined up with parade watchers



 270.jpg     : The end of the STEVENS ALUMNI PARADE

 271.jpg     : Vendors in Broad Street Park