Dues, Scholarships, Contributions and Fund Raiser

We want to thank all of you for your continuing support. You, the members, through dues and general fund contributions keep the SHS Alumni Association active.  Without your contributions and help we could not have our newsletter, parade or banquet reunions. Our scholastic funds continue to grow and we help more students every year to go on to higher education.

Did you receive raffle tickets sent out in our newsletter?    If you have not mailed them in yet, it is not to late....they help pay for the parade!

May we count on your support?  If you want to help, please send dues and contributions by printing the following form and returning it to the alumni office.

Stevens High School Alumni Association
24 Opera House Sq Box 29
Claremont, NH 03743

1. Dues @ $10.00 per member                                     $_____                                    

2. General Fund                                                            $_____

3. Fund For Future Generations                                    $_____

4. Raffle Tickets                                                           $_____

5. Scholarship Donations                                              $_____

   SHS Memorial                                                          $_____

   Steve Doody                                                             $_____

   Robert Averill                                                            $_____

   Walter S. Paskevich                                                  $_____

   Samuel E. Heller                                                       $_____                       

   Frederick W. Carr                                                    $_____      

   Guy K.C. Wilson                                                      $_____            

   Jeffrey A. Patten                                                        $_____

   Magoon/Paquette                                                      $_____

   Milford Osgood                                                        $_____   

   Bud & Bucky Tucker                                                $_____  

   Dorothy Judd Goodhue Memorial Fund                     $_____

   Albert D. & Helen F. Leahy Fund                              $_____

   Olney “Queenie” Quimby                                           $_____

   Class of 1935 Vo-Tech                                             $_____

   Class of 1937                                                            $_____            

   Class of 1944                                                            $_____    

   Class of 1945                                                            $_____  

   Class of 1949 Enhancement Program                         $_____ 

   Class of 1951 Beryl McLin Garneau Memorial           $_____             

   Donald Rollins                                                           $_____

   Marie McCarthy Grenier                                           $_____

  Paran Stevens Music Fund                                         $_____

  Wayne Carter Scholarship Fund                                $______ 

  Michael Brousseau Scholarship Fund                         $______


Total                                                                           $______


Name____________________________________   Class _____

Maiden Name_____________________________


 City _________________________ State ______       Zip______