Forever Young at Heart……..”

It’s our 55th reunion set for June 7, 8 and 9, 2019.

And yes we are going to build a float! Work will commence June 3 (or perhaps earlier) at a site yet to be determined. A previous mailing was sent out to all for whom addresses were available detailing what is planned. Everyone can participate even if you’re unable to attend. See the previous mailing that went out in December/early January for details. The theme is “Vintage Advertising Slogans” so there are numerous possibilities that exist.

Help will be needed to throw it all together but not to the extent of what occurred in previous reunions. The float will be smaller, on a shorter truck, with the hope of still being able to ride. So stay tuned as to where it’ll all take place. The more help the faster it gets done….plus it’s a chance to get reacquainted!!

Our first gathering as a class will be Friday, June 7 commencing at 4 p.m. at Ramunto’s Pizza (corner of Broad Street and Water Street). We’re hoping to have a room or separate area to our selves. The “formal” gathering will be at the home of Jackie and Harold Hall’s home on Maple Avenue on Saturday, June 8. It’ll start at 3 p.m.; a BBQ lunch is planned including some libations. Perhaps some west coast wine as well? More on this to follow as well.

If you remember our 50th, Harold has a great collection of music so we will be well entertained with sounds of our era!

A hit at our last gathering was looking at pictures of when we were young…..class pictures from the various elementary schools we attended. Trying to determine who was who created lots of discussion. So plan on bringing any pictures you have from that era for everyone to share. Several of the elementary schools that we attended are no longer open so the pictures bring back a lot of memories.

Several of our classmates have passed away over the years. Lets plan to remember them at this reunion both at our two gatherings as well as with our float.

Plan on attending…it’ll be fun! Make your reservations at local motels like the Common Man Inn or at several of the B & B’s around Sunapee. Places fill up fast!

Finally, there are several classmates whose whereabouts are unknown. The following is an unofficial list of those who are “missing”. Either they have addresses that are no longer valid or they have never been located. If anyone knows where someone on the list might be, pass the info along and I’ll attempt to make contact with them.

Donna Maureen LaClair; Janice Irene Lambert; Robert J. Little; Linda Jean Loiselle; Daniel M. Peterson; Ellen Frances Rice; Elizabeth Jane Richards; Gary John Root; Russell C. Royce; William Roy Souders; Doris Fox; Jerry Allen Spaulding; Roselina Mary Corazza; Michael Bayer; Suzanne Mary Cassin; Richard Wilson Brown; Cynthia Ann Stearns; Peter Raymond Vigneault; Shelia Ann Walcott; John William Hamilton; Shelia Ann George; Barbara Jane Gibson; and Thomas Belski.

If you move, change your address or e-mail address, please let me know so that I can keep you current with the class happenings.

Questions, suggestions, comments? Please feel free to contact Tom Osipowich at 707-888-9959 or via e-mil at: [email protected]


Tom Osipowich





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