Greetings to all in the class of 1970!

Work has begun on the float. We are building it in sections at 144 Washington St. (the white building on the corner of Bowen St. and Washington St.) As you turn onto the road that takes you to Wal-Mart the building is on your right (some might remember it as Dan’s Service and more recently it housed Green Mountain Power Equipment). We plan for the truck will arrive at the Senior Center on Friday, June 5, in the morning for assembly. We are not sure of the time yet. We would like to begin assembling sections as early as possible that Friday morning at the Senior Center. At that time we could use as much help as possible, so if you arrive in town early, come on over to the Senior Center!!!!! We can use as much help or as little help that you can give us. Hopefully, the float will be assembled by early evening so we can begin socializing with each other.

Days and times for construction will probably vary, so please call one of us for updates.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone Alumni Weekend. Spread the word and let your classmates know that you are coming. All classmates are encouraged to participate in the parade with our class even if the parade is the only activity you can attend that weekend. See you there.

Denise Liveston 603-542-5725

Trudee Rice 603-542-5971

John Caffrey 603-558-9229

Gary Bedard 603-504-5037

This is an updated list of missing classmates that was sent out with our 45th Class Alumni information letter. Thank you to all who notified us with addresses or unfortunately notice of a classmate’s death. These classmates remain missing. We hope you can help.   Thank you.

We have included a list of classmates that we have no contact information for. If you have any information on anyone, would you PLEASE email or call one of us so that we can update the class list and notify them of our reunion. Thank you for helping out.

Philip Anderson                      Tawna Anderson        
Elizabeth Berdecki                 David Borofsky
Janet Boucher                         Gary Bruce
Jayne-Ellen Bush                    Ken Chevette    
Marlene Colby                        Robert Dauphin
John Goodhue                         Jonathan Grover
Glen Hawkins                          Joanne Howe        
Richard Jordan                        Catherine LaClair    
Joanne Lambert                      Diane LaPlante                                         
Linda Lihatsh                          Cormac McCarthy
Robin Mills                              Mitchell Moquin          
Randy Morron                         Michael Peobody        
Jerri-Lynn Peck                       Michael Pullen                
Debbie Robbins                       Roland Roy
Mary Slack                              William Smith                
Anita Stone                              Mario Valenzuela
Cynthia Wadsworth Hall         Janet Waldron
John Wallace                           Thomas Zekos 

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