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SHS Cardinals


Claremont,  New Hampshire


SHS Cardinals

SHS Cardinals

SHS Cardinals

            Stevens High School Circa 1910     SHS Circa 1960      Stevens High School Circa 2000

Stevens  High School - Circa 1910
SHS - Circa 1960
Stevens  High School

 Stevens High School  2016    Photo by Kenneth Coulombe '59

        Welcome !    Visit often.

          We're proud to be the oldest active high school
                  alumni association in the nation !


           Stevens High School
                 Built from a gift from Paran Stevens.  SHS opened in 1868.
                 Mascot       -  Cardinal
                 Colors        -  Red and Black
                 Yearbook   - "The Red and Black"
                 Fight Song  - "Glory to Stevens"  sung to  "Glory to Dartmouth"
                 "The Alumni Song"  words and music by Evelyn Miles Paskevich '35



Stevens High School Alumni Association Meetings

There will be no meeting in December.

Claremont Savings Bank, Downstairs

Meetings are held at 5:30 PM

on the third Wednesday of the month.

All interested members are welcome to attend.

  At our annual Alumni Day
meeting of June 10, 2017,
  the following slate of officers were voted into office:

2017 - 2018:

President – Douglas R. LeBlanc ‘63
1st Vice President –Richard Girard ‘61
2nd Vice President – Mary Picknell Woodman ‘61
Secretary – Sonya LeBlanc Lawson ‘89
Assistant Secretary -     Beverly Hanks Janelle ‘53
Treasurer – Carolyn Bowles LeBlanc’62

Executive Board -

Lester St.Pierre ‘66
Janet Mower Eno ‘62
Barbara Young Ferland  ‘57
Denise Mozden Liveston ‘70
Robert Stringer ‘61

Nominating Committee -

        Doris Hale ‘62
        Danielle Mayo Skinner ‘01
        Sonya LeBlanc Lawson ‘89

June 10, 2017
Alumni Day parade awards :

Alumni Memorial Trophy      sponsored by LaValley’s Building           $200 Cash award
1987   “Jaws The Revenge”

Klara Hornick Trophy    sponsored by Golden Cross Ambulance         $200 Cash award
1997   Men in Red and Black”              
Wayne S. Gray Trophy   sponsored by Stringer Funeral Home             $200. Cash award
 2002   Hogswarts Express”       

Fred W. Carr School Spirit   sponsored by National Field Rep              $200. Cash award
 1972   “Cabaret”

The George F. Disnard Trophy   sponsored by The Insurance Center    $200. Cash award
1977   “Star Wars”                                         
Greater Claremont Chamber of Commerce
2007   “Pirates of the Caribbean”

Clarification Regarding Commemorative Rings for Stevens High School Football team

(Jan 26, 2017) Follow up to “Clarification” 

Notice to Stevens Alumni Membership:

At the (January 18th) monthly meeting last night, we had guest speakers, Larissa Cahill, Paul Silva and several players from the Stevens High School football team.  They came to ask Stevens Alumni Association if we would consider giving a donation towards championship rings for the team.  There are 44 players and the cost is $6000.
After they left, we had a discussion on what we could do to help.  The decision was made that we cannot initiate a fund raiser for them due to our own fund raising efforts towards our own priority goals of the parade, scholarships and operating expenses, but we can support them in their endeavor thru their own fund raising efforts.  We will also pledge a donation towards their goal.

(Jan 16, 2017)

It has come to my attention that Stevens High School Alumni members are under a misconception that the SHS Alumni Association is sponsoring a fund-raiser to raise the necessary funds to purchase commemorative rings for the Stevens High School football team in honor of their winning the State Division III championship game in November 2016. We, however are not sponsoring this event.

The Stevens Alumni Association has been asked by a parent if it would consider making a donation toward a goal of $6,000, and that is all. We will bring up this request for a donation at the January monthly meeting for discussion. We have also said that donations may be sent to Stevens High School Alumni Association to be held in a separate account, and then transferred to the high school football fund.

If anyone should need further clarification, please call the Alumni office at 603-542-8987.


Douglas LeBlanc, President

SHS Alumni Association


Stevens High School 2018 Graduating Class :  

  Here is a link to the SHSAA  Scholarship Application Cover Letter.  (PDF format)

Current College Students – Check This Out

There are scholarships available to 2nd, 3rd. and 4th year students as well as post college graduates. The criteria is that a letter of intent and need be sent to the alumni office prior to April 15 of any given year.  Applicants must also include a short biography of their accomplishments, a recommendation from one of their instructors, and a transcript for the first semester of their current classes.

SHS Alumni Association

PO Box 710

Claremont NH 03743

Attn: Carolyn LeBlanc


Stevens High School Alumni Association

24 Opera House Square, Box 29

Claremont, NH 03743

Telephone 603-542-8987

Greetings to my fellow Stevens Alumni,

Yes, here it is again, a new year and another successful year behind us. It always amazes me when I think about how far this organization has come since it’s beginning in 1871. Because of you, the members, it has become the oldest active alumni association in the country, but let us not forget the past members who forged the foundation with pride and hard work to pave the way to where we are today. It is up to us to continue that tradition for the future graduates of Stevens High School. Remember, the only way you can be a member of this organization is to have graduated from the one and only Stevens High School in Claremont NH. How great is that?

Dick Girard again initiated a 1/20 in the Spring to raise funds for the parade and yes, again it was a sellout and we have people already asking when is the next one. Bob Stringer again headed the Poinsettia Fund Raiser and yes you guessed it, another great success. The cookbook has become a reality and some members are asking if we have any of the 1st edition for sale that was produced back in the 60’s . We do not have any at the office but if any of you have one and would like to donate it for display, we would gladly accept it.

The2016 parade went off perfectly, with over 50 units of floats, bands, Bektash, Shriners, Civil War units, clowns, fife and drum, horse drawn wagons and the list goes on. Pat, the New England Patriots mascot and two of the cheerleaders were here and mingled with the crowds and signed posters and brought smiles to young and old alike. We are working on getting them here again to participate in our parade. Even though we had a somewhat rainy day, it did not deter spectators from coming out and enjoying this gala event.

The parade this year is Saturday, June 10th and kicks off at 10:30 with the line-up on Broad Street. The theme is “Popular Movies of Your Graduation Year” so get your floats registered with Dick Girard, parade chairman. The annual luncheon and meeting follows the parade and the banquet starts at 6:30 and will be catered by Country Kitchen.

Yes, we have a weekend filled with class parties, a parade and other festivities but first and foremost, the goal of Stevens Alumni Association is the presentation of scholarships to graduates of Stevens High School. We honor these students at the banquet and last year we presented $65,100 to 34 seniors and 25 post-secondary students. The investments are healthy and continue to grow with the guidance of our investment advisor, Thomas Zuttermeister.

As always, we are open to new ideas and your comments. You can call the office at 603-542-8987 or I can be reached at 603-542-8510.  You can also visit our Facebook page.   David Hale works to keep our website updated with news and alumni updates, and he welcomes your feedback. If you have an idea or comment, he can be reached by email : 

With your support, we can make this another memorable year for the alumni association and Claremont.

Lastly, I want to thank the businesses who support our newsletter and believe in Stevens Alumni Association and also the businesses who make it possible for the winning floats to receive the monetary prize of $200.00. We suggest that if your class received a $200 cash award for your float entry in June, please send the sponsor a Thank You note!

In closing, “Thank You” to those who have faithfully supported us year after year, and to those of you who have not been able to, it is not too late to start. Remember, it is not necessary to pay back dues. Any amount is very much appreciated. Every dollar counts.

The future of this organization is dependent on the active members. We need more people to step in and fill the positions as they become available. If the interest slips away and members do not get actively involved – the light at the end of the Alumni Tunnel will be “switched off” and become a sad reality. Please get involved. Meetings are the third Wednesday of every month from September thru May. All members are welcome.


Doug LeBlanc, President

Proud member of the Class of 1963

And Stevens High School Alumni Association


June 9, 2018

PARADE THEME: “Broadway”
Starting Time: 10:30 A.M.






Order Form

                                                                             Quantity         Price/ea.          Postage             TOTAL

New! SHS Alumni Recipe Book – Volume II – 350 Members’ Favorites



Black mid-weight lined Jacket

Red fleece lining, embossed Alumni Logo left front

100% polyester, washable, all sizes



T-Shirts, Red - Med___ Lg___ X Lg___

XX Lg ___

Black available as special order



Old Yearbooks ________Year

(These are Collectors’ Items)




8 oz. Coffee Mugs – 2-sided design

SHS Sketch – Alumni Logo

$ 6 ea. or

2 for $10


Cardinal Red Sweatshirts w/Alumni Logo -- Sm___Med___ Lg___ X Lg___

XX Lg ___

Black available as special order




Large Red Zippered_________

Large Ecru W/Blue Strap________



Order TOTAL______________

Mail Order PDF Form to: 

Stevens High School Alumni Association

24 Opera House SQ, Box 29, Claremont, NH 03743

Please make checks payable to “Stevens High School Alumni Association”


2018 Parade Rules          <<    Click here for the parade rules PDF file.

2018 Parade Registration      <<    Click here for the registration form PDF file.

Do not forget to register your class float for the June 9th, 2018 parade. 

Anyone whether alumni, business, non-profit or individual has to register. Please contact Dick at  or phone  603-543-6398 and he will email the registration form or mail it if you prefer.

Complete parade rules and regulations are included in the packet that Dick sends to you.


Starts at Stevens High School, south on Broad Street to the Middle School, west on South Street to West Pleasant Street, north to Pleasant Street to Opera House Square, right onto Broad Street and back to Stevens High School.


Theme of Parade “Broadway” - Clearly incorporated and executed.

Identity: - Visual display of: School Name, Class Year and Title of Float.

Construction & Workmanship - use of different and clever materials.

Creativity & Originality: - Animation - Music - Special Effects: Overall Beauty and Charisma, permeated by float and/or characters.

Dimensions:- Strict compliance, See  2018 Parade Rules

Float height and width will be measured at the time of inspection. The Claremont Police Dept. (603) 542-9538 will do inspections for safety reasons prior to and including Friday prior to the parade on Saturday. Float must be REGISTERED and INSPECTED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE PARADE.

Doug Leblanc,(not pictured) Carolyn LeBlanc, Bev Janelle, Bob Stringer, Dick Girard attended the June 10th council meeting for the mayor’s signature on the proclamation to officially make the week of June 4th thru June 10th 2017 Alumni Week.  Assistant Mayor Vic Bergeron presented the proclamation to Dick Girard, parade chairman.
Council members left to right Scott Pope, City Manager Ryan McNutt,  Carolyn Towle, Nick Koloski,  Keith Raymond, John Simonds, Allen Damren, Victor Bergeron, and Bruce Temple

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Jun 21, 2017     Added  Parade 2017   Photos by Stephen C. Fitch '76
Apr 19, 2017     Added our 2017 SHSAA Newsletter.    (May 23) Also see Class of 1951 Message.  

Stevens High Band Photos  Stevens High Band

             Parade 2017   Photos by  Stephen C. Fitch '76
           More Parade 2016 photos   By Stephen C. Fitch '76
                 Parade 2016   Photos by Kenneth Coulombe '59
                 Parade 2015   Photos by Kenneth Coulombe '59
                 Parade 2014   Photos by Kenneth Coulombe '59
                 Parade 2013   Photos by Kenneth Coulombe '59
                 Parade 2012  &  Banquet 2012  Photos by Kenneth Coulombe '59
Parade 2011    Photos by Kenneth Coulombe '59
                 Parade 2010    Photos by Kenneth Coulombe '59   
                 Parade 2009    Photos by Kenneth Coulombe '59   
                 Parade 2008    Photos by Kenneth Coulombe '59
                 Parade 2007    Photos by Kenneth Coulombe '59       
                 Parade 2006    Photos by Kenneth Coulombe '59                         
                 Gallery    Alumni pictures  (classes, teams, trophies, art, ...)  by Kenneth Coulombe '59
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image 2/17) class ?  Please let us know.

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