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SHS Cardinals

SHS Cardinals

SHS Cardinals

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Stevens  High School - Circa 1910
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Stevens  High School

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           Stevens High School
                 Built from a gift from Paran Stevens.  SHS opened in 1868.
                 Mascot       -  Cardinal
                 Colors        -  Red and Black
                 Yearbook   - "The Red and Black"
                 Fight Song  - "Glory to Stevens"  sung to  "Glory to Dartmouth"
                 "The Alumni Song"  words and music by Evelyn Miles Paskevich '35



Current College Students – Check This Out

There are six scholarships available to 2nd, 3rd. and 4th year students. The criteria is that a letter of intent and need be sent to the alumni office prior to April 15 of any given year. They must also include a short biography of their accomplishments, a recommendation from one of their instructors, and a transcript for the first semester of their current classes.

SHS Alumni Association
PO Box 710
Claremont NH 03743

Attn: Carolyn LeBlanc


Greetings fellow Stevens Alumni!

This past June, we celebrated our 144th reunion. The park was filled with vendors as the 67th alumni parade stepped off at 10:30 sharp. It was a perfect summer day and spectators from near and far filled the streets. Pat, the Patriots football team mascot along with Milo the moose mascot from NH Motor Speedway thoroughly enjoyed mingling with children and adults alike and graciously posed for the many pictures being taken. Steve Smith of Newport’s radio station was again our emcee, and Claremont’s CCTV was there to video the parade. Alumni officers, board members, and committee members filled the horse drawn carriages, surrey and wagon. Chosen as parade marshals by the 25 year class, 1990, Paul Magoon and his wife Joan led the way. There was 100% participation by 5-year classes showing off the workmanship in these quality floats. They all deserve a big “Thank You” for their part in making the parade a success.

Will we have a 145th reunion? Of course we will, but the number of bands, units, etc. in our 68th annual parade will have to be shaved down. The parade fund raiser that so many of you support year after year nets between five and six thousand dollars which ensures that we have a parade, but it may only consist of floats, the school bands, a limited number of Bektash units and a possibility of one or two hired bands.

The alumni board and parade committee held an emergency meeting to discuss what can be done to make the weekend of June 11th, 2016, another successful reunion weekend including another super parade that will wind its way along the streets of Claremont. The board voted to promote a 1/20 club with cash prizes. Tickets have been printed and are available for purchase. Dick Girard is chairperson for this fundraiser and can be reached at 603‐543‐6398 or one can call the alumni office at 603‐542‐8987 and your calls will be returned. There will be twenty $20, one $150, and one $300 cash prizes. The drawing will take place at the October alumni meeting.

Later in the Fall, another idea is a calendar fundraiser where one can pick a favorite number(s) to win cash prizes is taking shape, and of course, the annual Christmas Poinsettia sales promotional will again be headed by Bob Stringer and kick off in November. We are also planning for a Bingo night to be held at Claremont’s Senior Center in October/November. Chris Theriault has offered to help Carolyn LeBlanc with the necessary State of New Hampshire’s paperwork involved to set this up. The cookbook project remains on a back burner. If we can get some volunteers to bring all of these wonderful recipes together, we will have another potential source of income.

As you can see, we are being proactive in trying to generate the much needed funds for the annual, and now expected, parade and the general fund for daily operating expenses. BUT we still need your help.

If we all paid our yearly dues, still at $10, by the way, the income would eliminate much of the concern as how do we survive year-to-year. The math is easy 7,400+ members times $10 is how much? Enough to have a “Bang Up” parade and pay all our yearly expenses with a cushion to start the new year. What a wonderful feeling that would be for all of us.

Please, together, let us retain the distinction of this organization of 7,400 plus members as the “Oldest Active High School Alumni Association in the USA”.

On another note, the stage has been completed and has been replicated to resemble the original grand old stage that we all treasured so much. After the annual meeting last June, tours were given to all interested alumni members and general public to see, right up and close, the newly renovated building.

The Country Kitchen caterers who were hired to service the banquet this year were a huge success and have already been asked to reserve June 11, 2016, for our 145th banquet.

The banquet is where we recognize students who have been awarded scholarships. We were able to give $65,700 in scholarship aid to 35 seniors and 12 post-secondary students. This is the largest sum of money we have awarded to date, so you can see that these funds are strong and are being invested wisely by our investment advisor, Tom Zuttermeister and reviewed yearly by our scholarship committee.

In closing, I want to say “Thank You” to those who have faithfully supported us year after year and to you who have not been able to, it is not too late to start. Another note for those who are unaware, it is not necessary to pay back dues, so please don’t let that be a deterrent for you not lending a hand.

There has been some confusion regarding Alumni dues and individual Class dues. ALUMNI dues are $10 yearly and are sent to the Alumni Office. Your individual CLASS dues are remitted to YOUR CLASS representative, not the Alumni Office.

One more note of interest. We had over 35 businesses support our newsletter this past year. We must be doing something right. If your class received a $200 cash award for your float, please give the business that sponsored this money prize a big “thank you”.

As always, we are open to new ideas and comments. Call the office at 603‐542‐8987 or me at home at 603‐542‐8510. With your support, we can make this another memorable year for the Alumni Association and for Claremont.


Douglas LeBlanc ‘ 63



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Stevens High School Alumni Association

(September) meeting changed to: 

October 19th at 5:30 PM

Claremont Savings Bank, Downstairs

June 10, 2017
PARADE THEME: “Popular Movies From Your Graduation Year”



Order Form


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New! SHS Alumni Recipe Book – Volume II – 350 Members’ Favorites



Black mid-weight lined Jacket 

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Order TOTAL______________

Mail Order Form to:

Stevens High School Alumni Association

24 Opera House SQ, Box 29, Claremont, NH 03743

Please make checks payable to “Stevens High School Alumni Association”


Do not forget to register your class float for the June 10th, 2017 parade.

Anyone whether alumni, business, non-profit or individual has to register. Please contact Robert Stringer at or phone

603-542-5129 and he will email the registration form or mail it if you prefer.

Complete parade rules and regulations are included in the packet that Bob sends to you.

Alternate contact: Richard Girard co-parade chairman phone 603-543-6398


Starts at Stevens High School, south on Broad Street to the Middle School, west on South Street to West Pleasant Street, north to Pleasant Street to Opera House Square, right onto Broad Street and back to Stevens High School.


Theme of Parade “Popular Movies From Your Graduation Year” - Clearly incorporated and executed.

Identity: - Visual display of: School Name, Class Year and Title of Float.

Construction & Workmanship - use of different and clever materials.

Creativity & Originality: - Animation - Music - Special Effects: Overall Beauty and Charisma, permeated by float and/or characters.

Dimensions:- Strict compliance, No Float to exceed 12’ in height, 9' in width AND 35’ Long, does not include the truck or cab. The 35’ is just the trailer that the float is built on.

Float height and width will be measured at the time of inspection. The Claremont Police Dept. (603) 542-9538 will do inspections for safety reasons prior to and including Friday prior to the parade on Saturday. Float must be REGISTERED and INSPECTED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE PARADE.

Dear Stevens High School Alumni,

The City’s Planning and Development Department wanted you to know that there are exciting things going on here in Claremont!

As of May 2016, there are four major economic development projects underway in the City. CANAM Steel (formerly Eastern Bridge/Structal Bridges) purchased a large lot from Jewell Trucking to accommodate major growth. Jewell Trucking, in turn, has just constructed a brand new trucking and office facility in the Syd Clarke Industrial Park. North Country Smokehouse has purchased three lots in Syd Clarke Park and is building a brand-new, 66,000 square foot food processing facility right up the road from Jewell’s new facility. New Hampshire Industries has purchased a 130,000 square foot building off River Road, to move their entire company down to Claremont from Lebanon. These projects are just more evidence that Claremont’s economy is growing.

Claremont companies are hiring. Red River Computer, National Field Reps, CANAM Steel – hiring. Valley Regional Hospital, Matrix Aerospace, North Country Smokehouse – all hiring. And that’s just to name a few – there are great jobs available in Claremont.

Claremont’s City Center has seen its own resurgence. A few great downtown restaurants have anchored a big turnaround, and new stores are popping up every few months. And two new arts organizations – The Claremont MakerSpace and Amplified Arts – have joined existing organizations like the West Claremont Center for Music and the Arts and the Claremont Opera House to expand the City’s cultural offerings.

So, a message for Stevens Alums who have moved away from the City or from New Hampshire – we think it’s a great time to consider moving back to Claremont. Companies are hiring, housing prices are affordable, and the community is moving forward. Check out for more information, and feel free to contact the Planning and Development Department here.

All the best on your alumni weekend,

Nancy Merrill and Zach Williams

Claremont Planning and Development

Bob Stringer, Les St.Pierre, Bev Janelle, Jim Miles and Dick Girard attended the June 11th council meeting for the mayor’s signature on the proclamation to officially make the week of June 5th thru June 11th Alumni Week.  Council members from left to right Scott Pope, Vic Bergeron, Carolyn Towle, Keith Raymond, Bruce Temple, Allen Damren and Nick Koloski.  Mayor Charlene Lovett signed the proclamation and presented to Bob Stringer representing Doug LeBlanc, President who was not available for the meeting.
         Photos by Kenneth Coulombe '59

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