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SHS Cardinals


Claremont,  New Hampshire


SHS Cardinals

SHS Cardinals

SHS Cardinals

            Stevens High School Circa 1910     SHS Circa 1960      Stevens High School Circa 2000

Stevens  High School - Circa 1910
SHS - Circa 1960
Stevens  High School

 Stevens High School  2016    Photo by Kenneth Coulombe '59

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          We're proud to be the oldest active high school
                  alumni association in the nation !


           Stevens High School
                 Built from a gift from Paran Stevens.  SHS opened in 1868.
                 Mascot       -  Cardinal
                 Colors        -  Red and Black
                 Yearbook   - "The Red and Black"
                 Fight Song  - "Glory to Stevens"  sung to  "Glory to Dartmouth"
                 "The Alumni Song"  words and music by Evelyn Miles Paskevich '35


Recent Website Changes :

Jun 18, 2019     Added  Parade 2019   Photos by Stephen C. Fitch '76

Apr 25, 2019     Added our 2019 SHSAA Newsletter




We have been in the process of moving our office to 50 West Pleasant Street.

During this transition, we may not have access to computer or phone but we do have a cell phone 603-504-5702 which anyone can call for information.   SHSAA email will be periodically monitored and we hope to have things sorted out by the end of August...


SHS Alumni Association Meeting
Our next meeting will be on
Wednesday, ___ at 5:30
 50 West Pleasant Street
Meetings are the third Wednesday of every month from September thru May.
The meetings are open to all Stevens High School graduates.

There are several profiting Internet sites posing as high school alumni websites.   Some sites give the appearance of running a site for our school and offer a "special deal" for Lifetime Membership before the dues increase, etc.   Please be advised that we have only one website and that no website is authorized to accept dues for our alumni association.    Stevens Alumni Association does not offer lifetime membership at this time.   The alumni dues is $10.00 per year and you have the unique advantage of saying you are a member of the Oldest Active High School Alumni Association in the U S A.   That is something to be very proud of and it is up to all of us to carry on this tradition for generations to come.

Stevens High School 2018 Graduating Class :  

  Here are links to the SHSAA 

Scholarship Application Cover Letter.  PDF format

Scholarship Application Cover Letter.  DOC format

Current College Students – Check This Out

There are scholarships available to 2nd, 3rd. and 4th year students as well as post college graduates. The criteria is that a letter of intent and need be sent to the alumni office prior to April 15 of any given year.  Applicants must also include a short biography of their accomplishments, a recommendation from one of their instructors, and a transcript for the first semester of their current classes.

SHS Alumni Association

PO Box 710

Claremont NH 03743

Attn: Carolyn LeBlanc


June 13, 2020

PARADE THEME: “Board Games”
Starting Time: 10:30 A.M.






Order Form

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New! SHS Alumni Recipe Book – Volume II – 350 Members’ Favorites



Black mid-weight lined Jacket

Red fleece lining, embossed Alumni Logo left front

100% polyester, washable, all sizes



T-Shirts, Red - Med___ Lg___ X Lg___

XX Lg ___

Black available as special order



Old Yearbooks ________Year

(These are Collectors’ Items)




8 oz. Coffee Mugs – 2-sided design

SHS Sketch – Alumni Logo

$ 6 ea. or

2 for $10


Cardinal Red Sweatshirts w/Alumni Logo -- Sm___Med___ Lg___ X Lg___

XX Lg ___

Black available as special order




Large Red Zippered_________

Large Ecru W/Blue Strap________



Order TOTAL______________

Mail Order PDF Form to: 

Stevens High School Alumni Association

24 Opera House SQ, Box 29, Claremont, NH 03743

Please make checks payable to “Stevens High School Alumni Association”


Parade Rules          <<    Click here for the parade rules PDF file.

Parade Registration      <<    Click here for the registration form PDF file.

Anyone whether alumni, business, non-profit or individual has to register. Please contact Dick at  or phone  603-543-6398 and he will email the registration form or mail it if you prefer.

Complete parade rules and regulations are included in the packet that Dick sends to you.


Starts at Stevens High School, south on Broad Street to the Middle School, west on South Street to West Pleasant Street, north to Pleasant Street to Opera House Square, right onto Broad Street and back to Stevens High School.


Theme of parade  clearly incorporated and executed.

Identity: - Visual display of: School Name, Class Year and Title of Float.

Construction & Workmanship - use of different and clever materials.

Creativity & Originality: - Animation - Music - Special Effects: Overall Beauty and Charisma, permeated by float and/or characters.

Dimensions:- Strict compliance.

Float height and width will be measured at the time of inspection. The Claremont Police Dept. (603) 542-9538 will do inspections for safety reasons prior to and including Friday prior to the parade on Saturday. Float must be REGISTERED and INSPECTED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE PARADE.

Stevens High Band Photos  Stevens High Band

Parade 2019   Photos by  Stephen C. Fitch '76
                Parade 2018   Photos by  Stephen C. Fitch '76
             Parade 2017   Photos by  Stephen C. Fitch '76
           More Parade 2016 photos   By Stephen C. Fitch '76
                 Parade 2016   Photos by Kenneth Coulombe '59
                 Parade 2015   Photos by Kenneth Coulombe '59
                 Parade 2014   Photos by Kenneth Coulombe '59
                 Parade 2013   Photos by Kenneth Coulombe '59
                 Parade 2012  &  Banquet 2012  Photos by Kenneth Coulombe '59
Parade 2011    Photos by Kenneth Coulombe '59
                 Parade 2010    Photos by Kenneth Coulombe '59   
                 Parade 2009    Photos by Kenneth Coulombe '59   
                 Parade 2008    Photos by Kenneth Coulombe '59
                 Parade 2007    Photos by Kenneth Coulombe '59       
                 Parade 2006    Photos by Kenneth Coulombe '59                         
                 Gallery    Alumni pictures  (classes, teams, trophies, art, ...)  by Kenneth Coulombe '59
                            Would anyone recognize the second picture (
image 2/17) class ?  Please let us know.

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Paran Stevens and Stevens High School history

Stevens High School Alumni Association history


  Stevens High School
Individual Class Information
  SHS Red & Black 1953

              1917   1953   1956   1959




                                    SHS  Red and Black yearbook cover history.

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             Claremont Re-visited  Photos by Steve Noyes. '61       

             Elevated Claremont views  Photos by Armond Denis.  '60

             Aerial views of Claremont  October 2010 photos by Armond Denis.  '60
                          (These are large pictures, so scroll up, down, left, and right if necessary.)

             Claremont Bicentennial (1764 - 1964) A brochure of events and history. 

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